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Johnson Health Tech. – 2014 Q3 expected profit will be historically high

Johnson Health Tech. – 2014 Q3 expected profit will be historically high

Reported by Mr. Liu, Chu-song for Commercial Times

Mr. Peter Lo, president of Johnson Health Tech., reveals that Johnson’s sales in Spain, France, the Netherlands, and Luxemburg climbed to the top in the fitness markets. In England and Germany it’s also ranked as the second best brand.

Johnson’s Malu Factory moving compensation is about 395 million RMB and he expressed Johnson has received 60% compensation fees. By the end of August, the rest 40% will be given. In this third quarter, Johnson estimates that 45 million US dollars, gains of disposal, will enter its account once for all.

Legal persons expect that Johnson Health Tech. in the 3rd quarter its sales profit plus gains of disposal might be historically high over the past few years.

Life and Precor, American brands, has setup their placement plan in the commercial fitness market in the UK for a long time. Now they are the top 2 brands. Johnson, ranked the 3rd, now is further ranked as the 2nd largest, next to Life only.

Similarly, Johnson once ranked the 2nd largest fitness brand in the commercial markets of Spain and France next to Italian Technogym is expecting to be the champion this year. In German market, it is only next to Technogym.

As reported by Mr. Peter Lo, Johnson will continue to focus on commercial fitness markets and expand more business lines in the global hotels or clubs.

As to home high-end fitness markets, Johnson also plan to open direct-selling chain stores named Johnson so that they can enlarge the manufacturing and marketing. In Italy and Spain, there are Johnson as direct selling stores. Estimated, there will be 4 to 5 Johnson stores opened in Italy.

In addition to market placement, Johnson also moves key parts factories to Zuchiao Factory and also gets local government permission to enlarge the factory for the larger demand in the China’s markets.

Report on the observation activity at Healthstream’s factory in Tainan

S-Team Chair, Mr. Peter Lo together with the members visited Healthstream’s factory in Tainan on Aug. 20th this year. In addition, local prominent people such as the chief of Economic Development Bureau of Tainan City Government, Mr. Fang, the city councilor, Ms. Lai, the service center chief of Liuying Industrial Area, Mr. Lee and others took part in the observation activity of S-Team.

First, Mr. Chang, as the general-affairs chief of Healthstream gave a welcome speech and brief introduction of the observation activity. In the introduction, he elaborated the concept of the greening factory of Healthstream and its open policy. Ideally, Healthstream aims to bring in more exchanges and sharing experiences so as to constantly improve and maintain quality. Only under the condition whoever rules out error, sound circle and good competition will bring up good momentum for all members. Besides, he also his team mates in service to all participants in this activity.

Mr. Chang as the deputy general manager of Healthstream shared the stories to establish the new facotry in Tainan. Starting from scratch to its establishment based on 9 indicators, including steering architecture, esthetic style, sunproof effect, greening indicator, water-reserving base, daily energy-saving indicator, the application of solar panels in pursuit of electricity sufficiency,  ecological engineering walls with green plants for environmentalism, etc. Healthstream strives to build a greening factory based on the carbon-reducing concept. He shared the stories and the experiences  of building the facotry, the ways to realize their committements to the environment and the working staff so to carry out the corporate social responsbilities.

Mr. Fung as the factory sub-chief gave a good presentation on Healthstream’s production management, including the shop management and floor stock inventory, how to reduce the size of major inventory and labour force, how to apply small tags, Toyota-style productivity, its harmonized Toyota management with TPS as welll as the achievement. He shared their deductive approaches to manage on-site production with TPS spirits and how Healthstream has developed its unique production model. In this activity, Megatonic also a member of S-Team shared its case on production as well as its improvment. As applaused by all, Healthstream did a good job by presenting, sharing, and answering the questions raised by the participants in this observation activity. It’s smoothly and succesfully completed!