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S-Team Educational program – The new battle field of the global sporting goods (2012.09)

S-Team Educational program:

Topic:  The new battle field of the global sporting goods – Innovative strategies and concrete measures

Date Sep. 5th,   2012 (Wed.) 14:00~17:00p.m.
Location Blue   Conference Room (3rdFloor), Footwear & Recreation Technology   Research InstituteAddress:   No.11, Gongyequ 8th Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407, Taiwan
Lecturer Dr. Song, Ming Hong (Supervisor of Taiwan TRIZ Association)

Focus on
– Why innovation? What will be if there is no innovation?
– Current innovations promoted by other countries
– Methods to bring up 100 innovations
– The 5 horizontal lines (Staff) of customer’s needs
– Innovative strategies and measures
– Intelligent innovations
– Features of marketing, innovations and intellectual property

Observation activity – DYACO International Inc. (2012.08.01)

Observation activity – DYACO International Inc.


On August 1st, Mr. Peter Lo, the president of S-Team, leads the participating S-Team members, to observe DYACO International Inc.

Mr. Michael Chen, as DYACO’s Vice Manager, welcomes and shows the company and factory to the participants. He starts sharing the experiences and improvements which DYACO has made based the ideas of lean production instructed by the Corporate Synergy Development Center. He points out the importance of the company’s leader. The leader’s attitudes decide if improvements can be realized or not. He also makes clear that the long-term vision is necessary. The leader shall not simply care for the present revenues so as to forget about the long-term visions. It is essential to setup the correct improvement steps and to carry out.

He emphasizes that S-Team is a community of Taiwan’s fitness industry. Before showing on the international stages, all S-Team members shall make the most efforts to reach the international level. To be part of the S-Team is definitely a challenge and an opportunity. All members need to build the consensus to work together. He wishes all are resolute to make the progress with the S-Team. Hopefully, in the future the quality image of Taiwan’s fitness industry will be internationally recognized.

Throughout the whole observation, many members exchanges questions and ideas and talks about should-be-improved targets. Most participants have recognized DYACO’s resolution and actions. This observation tour is surely an inspiration for all!



Taiwan Review 2012 : Fit for Growth (2012.08)

Taiwan Review -Fit for Growth


Fit for Growth

Fitness equipment manufacturers in Taiwan are teaming up to advance the industry….(continued)