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Photos: S-Team 1st General Assembly

Taiwan S-Team Elite League held the 1st General Assembly on February 20th, 2013 in Windsor Hotel in Taichung. S-Team members came from various parts of Taiwan to participated the meetings.

Vice Chair of S-Team, Mr. Michael Lin, gave the opening speech.

S-Team reports and review

Review on S-Team Joint R&D

Review on S-Team Lean Production Plan & Activities

Handing in S-Team’s Official Seal (from the right Mr. Su, the General Manager of Corporate Development Center, Ms. Catherine Wang, the president of TSMA, Mr. Chang, representative of Industrial Bureau, and Mr. Peter Lo, the Chair of S-Team)

S-Team group photo

SPS 2012 Award to Healthstream, Johnson Health Tech Co., Ltd. and Solid Focus Industrial Co., Ltd. (from the right Mr. Su as the General Manager of Corporate Development Center, Healthstream’s represenative, Johnson’s representative, Solid Focus’ representative and Mr. Peter Lo, the Chair of S-Team)


TAISPO Show Daily 2013

TAISPO show REPORTS Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pact boosts Taiwan sporting goods exports to mainland

The Taiwanese sporting goods industry is upbeat because exports have received a boost due to the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA). The trade agreement, signed by China and Taiwan nearly three years ago, reduces or eliminates duties on several export categories.

by Barbara Smit

The Taiwan Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (TSMA) has high expectations for future growth because of the agreement, which saw some export duties from Taiwan to China reduced last year. More reductions go into effect this year.

TSMA officials say the ECFA undoubtedly contributed to a boost in sporting goods exports for 2012, which rose more than 5 percent to the equivalent of about $1.6 billion.

Golfing equipment was one of the biggest beneficiaries. Exports rose more than 32 percent to $355 million. Golf is the second-largest export category for Taiwanese sporting goods equipment after fitness equipment, which reported almost flat exports in 2012 of $627.5 million, down by 0.8 percent. Officials say some fitness equipment categories were not included in the ECFA. Suppliers are seeking to broaden the agreement to cover a wider range of fitness products. A new round of negotiations on the ECFA are expected to consider these and other export categories. Skiing equipment exports also fared well in 2012, rising 13.7 percent, while racquet sports exports climbed 19 percent. On the other hand, skate exports fell by more than 30 percent. The relatively small category is not part of the ECFA.

Exports to the United States, which is easily the largest export market for Taiwanese sporting goods manufacturers, grew by 1.9 percent to $599 million. However, China accounted for the biggest percentage increase, as exports swelled by 73 percent to $173.5 million last year.

This was partly offset by a decline of 39 percent in exports to Hong Kong. Other countries that imported fewer Taiwanese sports products were Italy and Spain, two of the markets most affected by the European financial crisis. TSMA officials believe the free trade agreement will have a stronger impact on the industry going forward. “If everybody was on the same level, competition could turn to other things, such as innovation and technology, which are the strong points of the Taiwanese manufacturers,” said Catherine Wang, chair of the TSMA. This approach is a strong motivation for the TSMA to support the S-Team, the partnership between some of the leading Taiwanese fitness equipment manufacturers and their suppliers, to make the supply chain more efficient (see related story in yesterday’s TaiSPO Show Daily). Wang says the S-Team project takes up much of her time at the TSMA, due to the complexities of getting suppliers to work together. However, she regards the partnership as the most important development plan for Taiwan’s specialist fitness industry in the coming years. “This is the way for us to become a high-end hub for fitness equipment manufacturing in Asia,” she said. Increased efficiencies are essential at a time when the industry is coping with lower profit margins in the OEM business. Some suppliers have tried to emphasize their own brands to compensate for the tougher OEM climate, but are sometimes taken aback by the cost of building a global brand. “This is a struggle point,” Wang said. “Our manufacturers want to do branding to increase their margin but they find that it costs a lot. They have to be careful and to try and learn from specialists in other industries.” The TSMA has also been striving to help its members boost their exports to emerging markets, particularly in the Americas. It started by focusing on Brazil but was taken aback by the country’s high import duties. The TSMA instead has begun recommending Panama as a regional hub for Central and South America. Such discussions and investigations are among the many widely-appreciated services delivered by the TSMA, along with its support for Taiwan’s sporting goods industry at international trade fairs as well as its sponsorship of the annual TaiSPO show in Taiwan.

Before the 40th TaiSPO, thousands Run for Love with Johnson


Thousands run for love with Johnson, TaiSPO

Report from TaiSPO Show Daily (March 20, 2013)

A few days before the opening of TaiSPO, the Taiwanese capital warmed up for the event with Run for Love, a non-profit event that was held on March 10 at the Meiti Riverside Park in Taipei. It was organized by Johnson Health Tech, the leading Taiwanese fitness equipment company, to raise money for charity and mark TaiSPO’s 40th anniversary.

More than 3,700 adults and children congregated at the park. Aged from 6 to 98 years, participants ranged from top athletes competing in the 12km race to fun runners who enjoyed a healthy Sunday morning with a leisurely 3 km run.

Harry Tsai, general manager of Johnson Health Tech, made a donation worth NT$600,000 ($20,165) on behalf of the company. The money went to the Chinese Children Home & Shelter Association (CCSA) to support orphans, children who have suffereed from abuse or those in families unable to provide proper parenting.

“This Run for Love is an opportunity to involve the wider community in the joy of TaiSPO’s birthday, and also to encourage companies to get more involved in corporate social respoinsibility,” said WAlter Yeh, executive vice-president of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, or TAITRA.

While most of the participants took part in the race by the river, Johnson Health Tech also set up its Run for Love truck near the starting line, for people who preferred to have a quick trot on a treadmill.

For every kilometer run on a Run for Love treadmill, Johnson will donate NT$100 ($3.36) to the CCSA.

To extend this social event, TAITRA is teaming up with Johnson again during TaiSPO.

The company has parked its Run for Love truck on the TWTC Plaza, right next to Hall 1, so that foreign buyers and other visitors may enjoy a relaxing run while also supporting the CCSA.

S-Team at TaiSPO 2013

S-Team at TaiSPO 2013 (TWTC Hall 3, # G0464)

Date: March 19~22, 2013

Show Venue: TWTC Exhibition Hall 3

How to get to TWTC, please click

S-Team Booth No: G0464

Visiting Hours:

March 19~219 a.m.~18 p.m. (only open to traders)

March 22   9 a.m. ~ 15 p.m. (open to the public)





Report on S-Team’s 1st General Assembly in Taichung (2013.02.20)

Taiwan S-Team Elite League held the 1st General Assembly on February 20th, 2013 in Windsor Hotel in Taichung. S-Team members from a great number of places in Taiwan attended the meetings. S-Team has been carrying out the mission to strengthen Taiwanese fitness manufacturers and its internal competitiveness. At the GA meeting, all team members not only reviewed all alliance activities and the impacts over the past one and half years but also discuss and regulate the new directions and strategies. The founder and the 1st chairman of T-Steam, Mr. Peter Lo, on behalf of all members to express special gratitude to Taiwan Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (TSMA), Corporate Development Centre (CDC) and Footwear and Recreation Research Technology Institute (FRRTI). They has been deeply involved and making the most efforts since S-Team. Now, the S-Team steadily grows. Through the mutual observations, S-Team members are learning and building confidence and trust. Hopefully, we could move forward towards the visions of S-Team. Due to the economic depression, Taiwan’s fitness industry has been affected. And because of it, S-Team, with more expectation, is bearing the mission to enhance the fitness industry in Taiwan. Promisingly, with the above-mentioned three organizations, S-Team could have a sound and bright future to set as a good model of the industrial alliances in Taiwan.

Though S-Team is only one and half years old, it is an industrial alliance under much spotlight right after A-Team (Taiwan’s bicycle industrial alliance) and M-Team (Taiwan’s machinery industrial alliance). Though S-Team is not sizable, it is solid with three major pillars: international marketing, lean production and cooperative R&D. TSMA, CDC and FRRTI has fully plays well their roles and do get much attention home and internationally. At this meeting, Peter, the Chairman, shares his views on the global trends of fitness markets and Johnson’s marketing strategies. The participating members understand more about the globalized competitiveness. If Taiwan’s fitness manufacturers do not understand the current situation and take actions to participate in the industrial alliance, Taiwan’s fitness industry may soon extinguish. Thus, Peter publicizes that in 2013 S-Team will continue strengthening Sport Production (SPS) – Activities and Evaluations and focus on industrial R&D. Moreover, international marketing and marketing development will be also on the major activities this year. Quarter meetings will be held for members to come to share their opinions and perspectives on international marketing trends. Johnson also expresses ideas to share its retail channels with S-Team members. In the meantime, at the important international fitness fairs, e.g. FIBO, S-Team will also be present with quality image.

With the full support and assistance of vice chairmans and members, Mr. Peter Lo will continue to be the Chair. He hopes that all members could have confidence and move forward for a more soild and strong S-Team in Taiwan.