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Observation Activity: Victor Taichung Machinery (2012.02)

Victor Taichung Machinery Works Co., Ltd.
Date: Feb. 9th, 2012 (2:00~4:00p.m.)
Address: No. 266, Taichung Harbour Rd., Sec. 3, CiTung District, Taichung City 40764
  1. Introduction of Victor Taichung Machinery Works Co., Ltd.
  2. Production procedures (JSP) – Case study of improvement
  3. Observing the production lines
  4. Discussion / Q & A

On Feb. 9th, S-Team  members visit Victor Taichung Machinery Works Co., Ltd. (briefed as Victor in the following text), the General Manger, Mr. Huang Ming-Ho, shares his experiences about TPS, how he manages to reduce the cost, to deliver the goods on time, and how he reduces the delivery period to 15 days.

TSMA especially arranges this observation. Particularly after Victor has applied the concept of lean production for one year, the average price of the products has been risen 8% and the stock cost was reduced to 7 million from 9 million dollars. And the delivery period is also shortened to 15 days no matter they are standard or customer-tailored products. The cooperation method among Taiwan’s machinery industry already replaced individual competition here.





Eye-catching S-Team Logo at ISPO Munich (2012.02)



Eye-catching S-Team Logo successfully impresses buyers at ISPO Munich 2012!

ISPO Munich is held from Jan. 29th to Feb. 1st, 2012 at New Munich Trade Fair Center.

Taiwan Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association has presented the specially-design booth of “Taiwan S-Team Elite League” (briefed as S-Team) as its first-time presentation. At the fairground, the large logo of S-Team has caught many people’s eyes. The elegant and quality wooden booth design also attracts a lot of buyers and draws them to know about the background, concepts and visions of S-Team.

Taiwan’s fitness industry had taken its soar for three decades, known as Taiwan’s export golden age

Since 1979, Taiwan’s fitness industry has been established and boomed. During the period of 1987 and 1996, fitness in Europe and America had become fashionable. American fitness companies casted tremendous orders to Taiwan’s fitness manufacturers (OEM). Taiwan in a great advantageous position with a complete supply chain, low cost and high-quality production successfully brought a golden age for the fitness industry (1979~2000).

China’s rise as the world factory and a major competitor

During these three decades, a great number of industries had speedily taken their shapes in China. Taiwan inevitably faces the falls and lost its title. The shifting manufacturing bases were from Japan to Taiwan, now Taiwan to China and Vietnam. The glow of Taiwan’s fitness industry has dimmed and it’s used to be the glory of Taiwan. Soon in the recent five years, Taiwan fades and falls, missing somehow the golden ten years to upgrade and transform. At present, Taiwan’s fitness industry, facing the fierce global competition, also needs to learn how to operate brand marketing, innovation, R&D. The whole industry has shifted between China and Taiwan without substantial roots.

Upgrading the fitness industry in Taiwan is a must

Mr. Peter Lo, as the director of the Fitness Equipment Division under Taiwan Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (TSMA), has stood up and called for cooperation of Taiwan’s fitness manufacturers. With his leadership, TSMA has established S-Team. Hopefully, it will empower the individual fitness manufacturers to work together and look for a bright future without laments and back looks. “Taiwan becomes the global high-end fitness R&D and manufacturing hub” is the shared vision. With such a consensus and vision, S-Team is setup.


S-Team at ISPO Munich (2012.02)

S-Team is under spotlight at ISPO Munich 2012

February 7th, 2012

By Ms. Lillian Lin (Central News Agency)

Facing the strong competitiveness from the developing industrial countries, Taiwan’s fitness manufacturers have to work together to enhance its R&D capacity. S-Team (S: Sport) presented itself for the 1st time at ISPO Munich 2012, displaying the whole team members and their innovative products.

S-Team is affiliated to Taiwan Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (TSMA). And based on the information provided by TSMA, Taiwan’s fitness industry had its 10-year golden age, that is, the most prosperous period of time from 1987 to 1996. The fitness trend in the American and European regions had brought immerse global demands. American fitness companies placed a great number of orders of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) with Taiwan fitness manufacturers. With a complete supplying chain, low cost, and stable quality, Taiwan’s manufacturers had received great influxes of orders from all around the world.

The uprising fitness industries in Mainland China, Vietnam and other countries have influenced greatly Taiwan’s fitness export. The high competitiveness at the international markets stimulates and forces Taiwan manufacturers in need to ponder which is the next step, how to build its brand networks and strengthen its manpower of innovative research and development.

Mr. Peter Lo, as the Chairman of Fitness Equipment & Accessories Division under Taiwan Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (TSMA), called for close cooperation among Taiwanese fitness manufacturers and successfully establish S-Team and he hopes to see that Taiwan is to become the global high-end fitness R&R M as well as Manufacturing Centre.

S-Team, in addition to organizing all kinds of educational training, wishes setting rules and regulations as well as promoting the national standardization on the fitness key modes and parts. Quality fitness products need to go through internal and external evaluations. If S-Team members succeed passing the double tests, they will be presented with the logo of S-Team as the highest honor and award.

TSMA also points out that S-Team at ISPO Munich 2012 presents the quality products of the members, highly acclaimed by international buyers and the same industrial business people. For a promising future of Taiwan’s fitness industry, S-Team will continue its publication at international sporting goods show and promote excellent MIT fitness products.

Information provided by Taiwan Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (TSMA)台健身器材優-慕尼黑展獲好評-015010215.html