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Educational Training (2016.07.14)

19th Education Training – On-site Gemba Kaizen

Date: July 14th, 2016.

Venue: Footwear & Recreation Technology Research Institute

Consultant: Mr. Ping-Hsin Fan, professional consultant of Corporate Synergy Development Center

Specialized in supply-chain management, logistic improvement together with numerous experiences to help factories to make improvements and reduce waste as well as storage, and better the functions of production lines. There are three major themes including Basic, System and Discipline.


Basic: What are improvements? Several points to think and discuss

  • Enterprise concepts: continuously improve working methods and personnel efficiency
  • Sensible and low-cost improving methods;
  • Compared with innovation, the risk is lower;
  • Emphasis on staff efforts, morale, communication, training, teamwork, participation and self-discipline to reach goals;
  • The path of making improvements is one small step after another and upward; with time’s passing, there will be great results.

System: On-site improvements, learning-oriented unit, high-efficiency teamwork, autonomous management, and on-site effective QCD

  • Quality: it does not refer to the final quality
  • On-site quality control: apply the control tools of statistic quality such as SQC、QC7
  • Reducing the on-site resource, Muda
  • Delivery date: JIT production method, Pull System


Basic and System are infinite production classifications in terms of time and space, and both are integrated with the concept of an organic system. This is the full infiltrating practice of scientific spirits in management. Standardization can make improvements in system and stabilize the enterprise rules.


Mr. Ping-Hsin Fan will introduce successful cases and the keys to success. He will also play a video about JET Japanese production lines and the discussions with the on-site staff on efficiency. How to improve efficiency with the least or limited resource to make the largest production or effects. It has something to do with not only the accumulated experiences but also long-term observations and data collection via organized and systemized analysis so as to find the common economic principles; then the instant, automatic and leveling management can provide efficient methods to create profits.


Quote from Taiichi Ohno to all S-Team participants

“Incapable of reaching goals means insufficient wisdoms.”