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Johnson Health Tech. President interviewed on TVBS on Taiwan’s Fitness Industry

Mr. Peter Lo interviewed on a local well-known TV channel, TVBS and he talks about his fitness company and how his fitness goods entered the international markets?

In the recent years, more and more people in Taiwan like to do sports. Sports becomes trendy such as running, weight training, body sculpture, etc. Thus, the acceptance of fitness activities is comparatively higher than before. The demand of fitness has also risen year by year.  According to the statistics of Commerce Development and Research Institute, the total value of the health industry reaches up to 418 billion NT dollars. There is a great business potential. How did Johnson grasp such a sports trend? Instead of OEM, Johnson created its own brands and the graft theory to set its feet in Taiwan and becomes the global top 3 fitness enterprise, what moves has Johnson made to surprise the world? TVBS has the precious opportunity to interview the initiator and creator of Johnson. He will share his story about himself, about his Johnson and how he transforms himself from a teacher into a successful entrepreneur.

The interviews are conducted in Mandarine.