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Dyaco’s merger and acquisition plan

In 2013 Q2, Dyaco is to merge Pincoffs and one Chinese manufacturer

With a budget of 14 million US dollar, Dyaco will merge Pincoff, a Canadian fitness dealer and one Chinese fitness manufactures. These two plan is set to finalize by Q2. And Dyaco will remain on the top 3 homeuse fitness brands.



Minutes of the educational training (2014.04.17)

The 7th educational program is focus on the application of lean production tools – Poka-Yoke (mistake-proofing). Mr. Sam Liu invited as the lecturer talk about the engineer, Mr. Shigeo Shingo working at Toyota. He has made a long-term research and formulate a poka-yoke system. This is a mistake-proofing mechanism in the lean manufacturing process. The operators can directly and easily find out incorrect operations. The operator use the methods to easily check out the frauds. This lesson mainly emphasizes operation mistakes and solutions, the characteristics of operational mistakes, the principle and methods of poka-yoke, analysis of incorrect operation, improving quality – preview activities, and the structure of improving operation management.

In all, there are 40 participants. During the lecture, intercourses and discussions upgrade the understanding the major features of making mistakes, analyzing the problem and improving the structure and mechanism, thorough implementation of the operators to prevent from mistakes. The checking operation hides the potential incorrect operations and dangers. Once preventive measures are implemented and fully understand the manual incorrect operations, we can effectively improve the manufacturing operations and management.

10 major fitness brands in China

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10 major fitness brands in China.

In the recent year, home-use fitness has been on the rise. The market size has been awarded as the gold market in the fitness markets. The great potential has attracted a few of domestic brands in China. Particularly after 2008 Beijing Olympic, its success has improved the sports facilities and increased the health awareness of Chinese people. And treadmill is the favorite fitness equipment which is easy to learn and use. Since 2010, the American high-end home-use brand, Sole, has entered the market. Nowadays the top 4 global fitness brands has been marketing in China, including the European fitness brand, BH, the American largest brand, ICON, as well as the Asian largest brand, JOHNSON. They all look up to the great potential of consumption power of Chinese families. By the end of 2010, Dyaco also joined in the battlefield. In 2011, Dyaco got enough momentum and made fast moves to enter the fitness market. And this year Proteus also publicizes its presence in China. As predicted, there will be more fierce competition in the market of treadmills. For the reference of Chinese consumers, the following ten brands are recommend for they are reliable and well-known brands home and abroad:

  1. Sole (America’s brand)
  2. BH (Span’s brand)
  3. JOHNSON (Taiwan’s brand)
  4. Dyaco (Taiwan’s brand)
  5. Icon (America’s brand)
  6. Proteus (Taiwan’s brand)
  7. Shuhua
  8. HX (HuiXiang-China’s brand)
  9. Oma (China’s brand)
  10. GF (Good Family-China’s brand)


Photos: S-Team at TaiSPO 2013

The 40th anniversary of TaiSPO, held from Mar. 19~22, 2013, is in conjunction with other 3 sports shows: Taipei Cycle, Diwas, and Spomode. S-Team once again makes its public presentations at two international sporting goods show: TaiSPO and FIBO 2013. Particularly, at these shows three S-Team members: Johnson, Healthstream and Solid Focus, will be especially promoted because they have passed 2012 external evaluation.
Demostration of the treadmill
TV interviewed S-Team’s Vice Chairmen, Mr. Jeff Chen and Mr. Michael Lin.
From the right: Ms. Jane Wen, as the director of General Affairs Bureau, Mr. Jeff Chen, Mr. Michael Lin as the vice chairmen of S-Team and Johnson’s key representatives with the reporter
S-Team’s booth at TaiSPO 2013


The 7th Educational Training (2013.04.17)

S-Team Serial Educational Training

1. Date: April 17th, 2013  14:00 ~ 17:00 p.m.

2. Venue: Red Conference Room (2nd Floor), Footwear & Recreation Technology Research Institute (No. 11, Gongyequ 8th Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407, Taiwan

3. Lecturer: Mr. Sam Liu

4. Registration : please contact Ms. Mei Yang Tel: 02-25941864 ext.18 or email


13:30~14:00 Registration14:00~15:00 Application of Lean Production Tools – Error Proof (1)

15:00~15:20 Break

15:20~17:00 Application of Lean Production Tools – Error Proof (1)

17:00~17:20 Q & A

————————-Registration ————————-

* Deadline: April 10th, 2013 by faxing to 02-2591-9396  or 2593-6668 or by emailing Ms. Yang

Please reply the following information

Company Name / Contact Person / Tel.

Names of Participants / Position/ Division or Department / Extention Number / email or mobile phone number