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S-Team Chair receives an honorary degree of Juris doctor

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羅崑泉 獲頒輔大名譽法學博士
Mr. Chiang (right), as the President of Fu Jen Catholic University, presents an honorary doctorate degree to Mr. Peter Lo, the president of Johnson Health Tec. (left)

 Mr. Lo was once awarded as the outstanding alumnus from Ju Fen Catholic University. On Oct. 21st, 2015, he was honored again and received an honorary J.D. from the university president.  


There are four significant reasons to present this special award to Mr. Lo


First, Peter started from scratch to establish Johnson Health Tech. Now it has advanced and become the 3rd largest fitness company. This achievement is earned with hardwork.



Fu Jen University expects students to pursue the spirits of truth, goodness, beauty, and holiness. One shall not only go for the success in career or academics but also care for friends, family life and society. From these perspectives, Mr. Peter Lo has done greatly.

Mr. Peter Lo initiated Fu Jen Taichung Alumni Club and has donated money and time to help all the alumni in the area.

Fu Jen always welcome cooperation with the corporate groups of its. Alumni. The president express the plan of Fu Jen to work with Johnson to build a sound campus. This would be a great benefit for Ju Fen.

Currently Johnson owns 24 branch companies globally and also builds its three manufacturing bases in China, Taiwan and U.S.A. In addition, it runs 233 shops all around the globe with its own maintenance and rent services.

Mr. Peter Lo is not only the director of Taiwan Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association but also the chair of S-Team.

In this special occasion, he shares his experiences with all the students at Fu Jen Catholic University. He encourages to try, make mistakes and gain one’s own experiences. He believes in the end one gain his or her lessons with courage to try and try throughout life.

Over the past 35 years, Johnson Health Tech. has built these three vision as followed: Health, Value and Sharing. He expects he would continue fulfilling these goals in different ways. At the end, he shares all his life experiences and expresses his gratitude to the university, the society and his family who gives support all the time.