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China Times: Johnson becomes the qualified supplier for Fitness First and Health City (2012.06)


China Times – Taipei

Johnson Health Tec. has signed the contract with Fitness First, the largest health club chain in the world. It comprises 550 clubs worldwide. From the 3rd season of 2012, Johnson will start to become its supplier. What’s more, Health City as the 2nd largest gym club owns 300 stores in Europe and confirms that Johnson is its qualified supplier. Johnson also officially addresses its qualification to be its supplier. Soon Johnson will supply its fitness equipment to Fitness First and coordinates with its openings and out of the old schedule. As to Health City, Johnson is now its qualified supplier in France. Johnson still strives to get orders from Health City in other European countries.

2012 S-Team Evaluation begins (2012.06)

S-Team Subcommittee starts the 2012 Evaluations by the mechanism of SPS Evaluation.

From today onwards, any interested S-Team member can register in this activity.

SPS Evaluations including internal and external evaluations are as followed.

Please register before the deadline.



SPS Internal Evaluation Registration                           June 30th, 2012
SPS External Evaluation Registration                            July 31st, 2012
Contact Person: TSMA / Ms. YangTel: 886-2-25941864 ext.18P.S.: Only when the member reaches 80 grades in the internal evaluation, the member then can apply for the external evaluation.