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S-Team will participate in FIBO from (2014.04.03-04.06)

Johnson Health Tech. will provide orders, valued USD 35 million, to S-Team members

Mr. Peter Lo, the president of Johnson Health Tech. as well as the chair of S-Team, publicizes the plan to cooperate with S-Team members and provides orders valued USD 35 million.

Resource: Economic Daily News 

March 9th, 2014


Directing Johnson Health Tech., the 3rd global manufacturer, Mr. Peter Lo as the president also acts as the chair of Taiwan S-Team Elite League (briefed as S-Team). He expresses that Johnson is targeting on the global brand and marketing of high-end commercial fitness. He confirms that Johnson will release 35 million USD orders to the members of S-Team.



At TaiSPO 2014 – an international sports show in Taipei, S-Team represents its own unique booth image at the Hall 3 of Taiwan World Trade Center. In 2014, the members of S-Team include Johnson, Healthstream, Tonic, Solid Focus, Shuang Rong Shing, Keen Neek, Pin Link, Direction, King I, Chuyan Sheng, Chi Hua, Geotun, J-Star, Sunrise and Ya Cheng.


S-Team currently receives the consulting services from Corporate Synergy Development Center (CSDC). Mr. Chen, as the vice president of CSDC, points out that in 2013, the industrial value of fitness equipment showed the continuing growth; especially the light commercial use and commercial use fitness grew substantially. This indicates that the only way towards sustainability is to develop high-end fitness equipment. Accordingly, this also explains the initial vision of S-Team. He expects S-Team is stepping on the way towards the high-valued industry and becomes so-called the hidden champion, the backbone enterprises. Ms. Jane Wen, the general secretary of S-Team’s General Affairs Bureau, also expresses that it has been three years since S-Team’s establishment; in addition to lean production improvement, SPS evaluation, join innovation, research and development, this year S-Team will focus more on international marketing and new market expansion. S-Team members are about to meet very three months and exchanges opinions on the global development, trends and changes.


In order to enhance consensus and shared values among the members, the purchasing manager, Mr. Huang, publicizes that Johnson Health Tech. will empower S-Team’s supplying force to meet the clients’ demands and solutions. Next, the purchasing value will increase annually.


Acting as the chairman, Peter emphasizes that S-Team must carry out the lean production management so as to enhance the overall production and management; all members are able to produce the requested products and cooperate with Johnson to meet the market demands. Only sharing the same vision enables S-Team to turn out to be the high-end research and development hub of the global fitness industry.


He urges and expects Taiwan’s fitness manufacturers would look at S-Team and its development with a constructive angle. He also welcome more new partners to join in and create a better and brighter future for Taiwan’s fitness industry.