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Johnson’s Permance Outshines in 2012

Market Daily – Commercial Times (Taichung)

Mr. Peter Lo, the President of Johnson Health Tech, expresses due to the global recession, the growth rate of the global commercial fitness equipment market is estimated about 3%; the home-use fitness equipment market even moves toward a negative growth. As expected, in the next year, the market growth of global commercial and home-use fitness equipment most likely will maintain the same level as this year’s. At present, Johnson’s sales of commercial fitness equipment for 2012 might be possibly more than 2%. The home-use fitness equipment might grow slightly. However, Johnson’s sales no matter in the category of commercial use or home-use, overtakes the others in the global fitness markets. In order to enlarge the revenue, Johnson will put more focus on the commercial use fitness equipment. What’s more, Johnson also starts to enter the market of massage chairs. Johnson-branded massage chairs are either Taiwan-produced or Japan-produced mainly focus on the cross-strait and Asian massage chair market.