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Report on Yulon observation activity


On October 29th, 2013, Mr. Peter Lo, as the chairman of S-Team, led the members of S-Team to observe Yulon Motors’ Sanyi Factory. First, Mr. Li-Hwa Wu as the factory chief gave a welcome speech and introduced the factory and the whole observation activity. Following, Mr. Peter Lo appreciated Yulon’s hospitality and openness. They have made all possible to realize this observation. He believes that all can learn and develop ideas from this observation activity. Foremost, he encourages all members could reflect and realize what could be better at their own factories. At last, he gives a placate to express gratitude.
Mr. Peter Lo, as the Chairman of S-Team gives an opening speech.
Mr. Li-Hwa Wu, as the factory chief representing Yulon Motors, gives a welcome speech.
Representing the whole S-Team, Mr. Peter Lo as the chairman gives “Model Placate” to Yulon Motors
Yulon has been making improvements, enhancing self-management, fully contributing to establish the motor-production value chain as well as induce multiple-brand management and other significant strategies. They emphasizes the importance of cooperative relationship between the satellite and center companies. They believe the industrial resources are in a close network. Thus, Yulon can achieve success and get prosperous. With the pioneer’s spirit to put its resources on R&D, Yulon has developed innovative products and create product advantages for a new life home and abroad. In this observation activity, they brief the overview of motor industry in Taiwan and the relevant marketing analysis, how they reshape the enterprise and create values with innovation. They centralize the factories, improve the production process so as to better the differentiation of TPM product quality and services. Now Yulon has shifted to the consumer-oriented model OEM with lower quantity but with more designs. The producing process is shortened. They also join the international alliance and professional manufacturing to put the property of daily R&D into domestic work distribution. They promote products with their own brands. Also they have responded to the greening project so that they can decrease cost and promoting greening and cutting the carbon dioxide and show their care for the current environmental issues. During the sharing time, they also demonstrate how they improve their productivity with TPM and how they continue improving with passion. In the Q&A, the questions raised by S-Team members are well-answered by Yulon. This observation activity in the end has achieve its success indeed.
 Q & A
Sharing experiences of case study
Explanations on the TPM Activity Bulletin Board  
Explaning how to use the recharging station for electric vehicle
Group picture – All the participants at this observation activity in Yulon Motors


Observation Activity (2013.10.29) Yulon Motors

Observation Activity at Yulon Motors

Date: Oct. 29, 2013 (from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.)

Venue:  No.39-1, Bogongkeng, Sanyi Township, Miaoli County 367, Taiwan

Entering the 4th quarter of 2014, S-Team continues promoting the observation activity. In October, the S-Team members will have a chance to observe Yulon Motors. In 1976, Yulon built its factory in Sanyi; in October of 1998, Yulon won the National Quality Award; in 2000 it received the Labor Safety and Sanitation Award; in 2006 it obtained TPM Special Award; in 2001 and 2008 it got the Energy Saving and Waste Deduction Excellence Award on the National Industrial Festival; in 2002, it got the honor of Japan’s TPM Excellence Award; in 2006, it won again TPM Special Award. In order to secure the product quality and satisfy customers and push through the production system of QGI. Furthermore it provides the security and guarantee of product and service. What are the purpose which enterprises live for? Yulon Motors keeps the faith and believe that people is the core value. From an enterprise, a nation and even right up to the world as a whole, people are all linked to one another as they grow together. And the spirit of “People, Car & Life Together” is the most fundamental element in YULON’s corporate culture.

This observation includes the following points:

1.Brief introduction of Yulon Motors

2.Sharing the case how Yulon improves its production logistics and management

3.Observing the production line





The 9th Eductional Training (2013.10.11)

On Oct. 11th, 2013. S-Team holds the 8th educational training in the Footwear and Recreation Technology and Research Institute. The lecturer, Mr. Sam Liu, from Corporate Synergy Development Center, will talk about Production Line Balance Analysis and Efficiency. Production line balance refers to the condition that there are different stages of manufacturing, taken charge by several operators who repeatedly execute the same thing; due to the different time consuming, these operators in charge have to wait for each other; therefore, in order to balance the production line, design a smooth production logistics so as to balance production line and eliminate the different time consumptions. The purpose is to shorten the production time, changing production quantity adjusts the number of operators, lean production method, re-manage the production lines of new products, enhance the movable efficiency of workers and machinery, create the most efficient methods of manpower and energy saving, mechanization and automation, carry out the engineering design and engineering grouping, working efficiency, as well as shorten the pre-producing time. In this training, there will be more interactive dialogues so that Yulon can share the different angles of the questions and bring up the solutions. The members could better know how to calculate the production balance efficiency and know how to improve with Toyota’s method, that is, new IE production balance analysis method. Yulon will elaborate how they enhance their efficiency with the Toyota’s method. They will share and exchange their experiences with the participants and let them know their application of lean production method at Yulon’s factory. Only continuously improving the management, the production line will be smoother.