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A winning formula – Johnson & London 2012! (2012.07)

Forecast: Observation activity- DYACO (2012.08.01)

Observation activity – Dyaco International Inc. (2012.08.01)

Date: August 1st, 2012 (Wed.) 14:00~16:30 (13:30 ~ 14:00 registration)

Location: No.1, Gong 1st Rd., Hemei Township, Changhua County

(Parking lots are limited, please take rides with colleagues)

Dyaco Office:  04- 7977877

TSMA Office: 02-2594-1864 ext. 18 Ms. Yang 0952-357-906


  1. Please register in time and take entrance badges
  2. It is forbidden to take photos.

Dyaco International Inc. established in 1989 is committed to constantly make progress in technology, to upgrade its competitive value, and to deliver on time and to satisfy customers’ needs as much as possible. Dyaco continues to grow with these core values. And based on the international standard production, ISO-9001, it produces series of innovative and sound fitness equipment. Dyaco’s products are internationally recognized with its excellence, endurance and innovation. For inspiring the spirits of excellence of t is a precious opportunity for S-Team members to observe Dyaco. Please register as soon as possible!


  1. Sharing experiences in improving productivity
  2. Onsite introduction and observation
  3. Discussions
  4. Q&A


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Dyaco will achieve the highest turnover this year! (2012.06.25)

DAYCO’s turnover will reach another high peak this year (2012.06.25)

Centre News Agency

Reported by Ms. Shou-Wen Lo

Mr. Michael Lin as the president of Dyaco International Inc. one of the major fitness manufacturers and exporter in Taiwan addressed that the second half of the year enters the high industrial season. With the released new products and new customers’ orders, Dayco will create historical revenue, better than that of 2010.

Dyaco was founded in 1990 and has become a professional fitness manufacturer with R&D and marketing capability in Taiwan and owns its brand, Spirit. Besides, it also works with the top brand, SOLE, as its international exclusive distributor. They produces fitness equipment includes treadmill, elliptical trainer, bikes and other light-style fitness equipment. Now its products sell in more than 60 countries.

Mr. Michael Lin expressed that due to the changes of American marketing channels, the 1st season revenue is 302 million NT$ 302 million. Compared with last year, it reduces 45.79%. Nevertheless, it gets back its growth and reaches NT$79.47 million, with the growth rate of 7.99%.

He indicates that the growth in May mainly comes from the orders at FIBO and China Sports Show and other international fitness shows. And viewing the final stage of American marketing channels, high season effect, new products and new customers, he is very optimistic about the second half of the year. Most likely its revenue will reach a higher record than that of 2010.

From this March, Michael says Dyaco continues to present customer-oriented products at numerous international sports and fitness shows. The products with new technology, good styles and health-care or medical features are highly praised by international buyer or customers. From the second season, there have been more than 180 clients visited the company. Among them, 80 companies are new clients.

He points out that among the clients of Dyaco, Sears is the largest distributor and enjoys the highest growth rate in the United States of America. After re-constructing the products and production last year, this year Sears increases its orders from five kinds of fitness equipment to ten kinds of fitness equipment.

Besides, Michael also says that Dyaco will continue to stabilize its market in America. Moreover, it also focuses on the Chinese market. After Dyaco has spent one year to manage its brand, distributors, marketing, and hopefully, by the end of this year the sales turnover will grow up to RMB$ 40 million from last year’s 17 million.

He said that from 2011 onwards, Dyaco has promoted Shake Weight and T-Core in Taiwan. They have sold very well and won a great deal of compliment. From the second season, Dyaco has promoted its own brand DYACO, the series of iPower Treadmill. The target customers are the markets of the elderly and females. As estimated, Dyaco in Taiwan will have the sales turnover of NT$60 million from NT$45 million

As to the progress to be listed and traded, Michael started the relevant work from last October. Estimated, this coming September Dyaco will send its application to become a publicly traded company.