S-Team new resolution requires external evaluation

  1. In order to construct the core values and main principles, the resolution passed at the 9th and 10th GA meetings will require all S-Team members  to proceed 2015 SPS Evaluation.
  2. Since the establishment, S-Team has entered the fourth year. In order to realize the core values, the resolution which requires all members to take part in SPS evaluation. For those who rejects this requirement, they will be denied as S-Team members.
  3. The threshold of S-Team member is to pass SPS evaluation. For those who cannot pass, they need to take counseling advice and make improvement and take the evaluation again until they pass it. They will be recognized officially as S-Team member. For those who do not make improvements and cannot pass the evaluation they will not be accepted as S-Team members.
  4. The schedule of 2015 SPS Evaluation will be provided to all members soon. As planned the evaluation shall be finalized by the end of Jan., 2016 and the members who pass the evaluation will be awarded at the GA meeting in Mar., 2016.


** Put lean activities into daily work

  • Encourage all staff to carry out lean production exercise into their daily work
  • It is not obligatory to take the counseling service from CSD. Members can exercise all the principles of lean production from inside or the external counseling associate.
  • All members are obliged to accept the external evaluation as the basis of lean production management.
  • The details are listed at the meeting minutes of the 9th and 10th General Affairs Meetings.


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