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Welcome Tonic Fitness Tech. Inc. to join S-Team

Welcome Tonic Fitness Technology Inc. to join S-Team


(1). Principle: according to the fair, just and open principles, S-Team is established with a vision of a Global High-End Fitness Equipment R&D Center where the participating members learn, share and cooperate with each other.


(2).Purposes: To build an executive organization with multi-functions, systematization and executive momentum towards the direction of high-quality and lean production concepts and realize relevant educational programmes and activities.



1).Internally:  To setup he short-term, middle-term and long-term directions, executions,  effectiveness, member-in and member-out mechanism and scrutiny.

2).Externally: To strengthen high marketing ratio and industrial influence so as to earn the governmental resource and international publicity.

3). To enhance the contacts, interactions and cooperation among members so as to solidify the allround development of all S-Team members.